2011 winners

Check out an e-edition and PDF download of the booklet made available at this year’s seminar and awards ceremony that contains the winning work from this year’s participants.

1. News Package
Winner: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “Going for Broke”
Evie Blad, Steve Painter, Robert J. Smith, Laurie Whalen, Stacey Roberts, Bill Bowden, Richard Massey, Adam Wallworth, Serenah McKay, Scarlet Sims. Photographers: Jason Ivester, Michael Woods, Ryan McGeeney, William Moore, Cyd King. Graphics: Greg Moody
Finalist: Argus Leader Media, “Growing Up Indian,” Steve Young, Devin Wagner, Patrick Lalley, Jim Holland, Jim Cheese
Finalist: Tulsa World, “Too Scared to Snitch,” Michael Overall, Adam Wisneski

2. Project/Investigative
Winner: “Group Homes.” Ginnie Graham, Gavin Off, Michael Overall, Tulsa World
Paul Monies, Ann Kelley, Vallery Brown and Sonya Colberg, Oklahoman
Finalist: Omer Gillham, Tulsa World, ” Police Corruption.”

3. General News Reporting
Winner: Behind the Violence, Omaha World-Herald, by Henry Cordes, Cindy Gonzalez, Bob Glissmann, Jason Kuiper and Juan Perez Jr.
Finalist — Todd Cooper, Omaha World-Herald, Did Guardian Help Herself
Finalist — Michael Kimbell, Oklahoman/NewsOK, Oklahoma City Transient Arrested 454 Times.

Winner: Cathy Frye, Amy Upshaw and Rick McFarland, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “Swept Away: The Albert Pike Flood”
Finalist: Roy Wenzl, Wichita Eagle, “Promise Not to Tell”
Finalist: Henry Cordes, Omaha World-Herald, “The Big Ten Decision”

5. Beat Reporting
Winner: Military Issues Beat, Omaha World-Herald, by Matthew Hansen
Finalist — Amy Schlesing, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Afghanistan Coverage
Finalist — Sonya Colberg, Oklahoman/NewsOK, Beat Reporting

6. Features
Winner: A Test of Endurance, Omaha World-Herald, by Dirk Chatelain
Finalist — Rick Ruggles, Omaha World-Herald, Loving Whyatt To the End
Finalist — Sonya Colberg, Oklahoman/NewsOK, Against All Odds

7. Business reporting
Winner: Sylvia Forbes, The Fayette Advertiser, “Fayette Limo Service Stretches to the Occasion.”
Finalist: Bryan Painter, The Oklahoman, “Watonga residents focus on surviving layoffs”
Finalist: Steve Lackmeyer, “Council considers Grand Prix racing”

8. Sports Reporting
Winner: Jenni Carlson, The Oklahoman, “The Main Event: Gracemont adding football to save school and possibly the town”
Finalist: Matt Baker, Tulsa World, “Star search football recruiting hotspots”
Finalist: John Estus, The Oklahoman, “Agents caught OSU ex-coach picking up controlled substances”

9. Sports Feature
Kane Webb, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “On the Border of Legend”

10. Sports column
Winner: Jenni Carlson, The Oklahoman
Finalist: Jimmie Tramel, Tulsa World
Finalist: Berry Tramel, The Oklahoman

11. Reviews
Winner: Scott Cherry, Tulsa World, New raw food café brings the lure of the pure
Finalist: George Lang, the Oklahoman, “Phoenix Doesn’t Rise in ‘I’m Still Here’ ”
Finalist: Michael Smith, Tulsa World, “ ‘Piranha 3-D’ campy fun, big on gore”

12. Entertainment Feature
Winner: Gene Triplett, The Oklahoman, “Psycho at 50, FREAK OUT”
Finalist: Carla Hinton, the Oklahoman, Feeling ‘Heaven’s Rain’
Finalist: Scott Cherry, Tulsa World, Friends in Most Places

13. Specialty Feature
Winner: Cary Aspinwall, Tulsa World Publishing Company, “Fit to be Fried ”
Finalist: Bryan Painter, The Oklahoman, “Holdenville church will close ”

14. Special Section
Winner: Omaha World-Herald Staff, “Korea: Forgotten no more”
Finalist: Omaha World-Herald sports staff, “College Football Preview Section.”
Finalist: Kansas City Star, “The Food Issue: 35 people, places, things…”

15. News Page Layout
Winner: James Royal, Tulsa World Publishing Company
Finalist: Tim Parks, Omaha World-Herald
Finalist: Tim Chamberlin, Tulsa World

16. Feature page layout
Winner: Tena Chen, Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Finalist: Susan Cyrus, Tulsa World
Finalist: Matt Clayton, Oklahoman
Finalist: Amanda Spadt, Omaha World-Herald

17. Editorial Cartoon
First Place — Editorial Cartoon Portfolio, Tulsa World, by Bruce Plante
Finalist — Todd Pendleton, Oklahoman, True Star/Good as Gold/Capital Illustration
Finalist — Jeff Koterba, Omaha World-Herald, March 24/July 23/Aug. 20

18. Editorial portfolio
Winner – Wayne Greene, Tulsa World
Finalist: David Barham, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “Lottery game,” “Lunatic fringe,” “The Brass shines.”

19. Personal Column Portfolio
Winner: Robert Nelson, Omaha World-Herald, “Robert Nelson Column Writing”
Finalist: Rainbow Rowell, Omaha World-Herald, “Rainbow Rowell Column Writing”
Finalist: David Zizzo, “David Zizzo Column Writing,” The Oklahoman

20. Feature Headline Portfolio
Winner – James Royal, Tulsa World

21. News headline portfolio
Winner – Lisa McLendon, Wichita Eagle. “News Headline Portfolio.:
Finalist – Moran Elwell, The Oklahoman/NewsOK.com
Finalist – Felicia Murray, The Oklahoman/NewsOK.com

22. Great Plains Writer of the Year
Winner: Roy Wenzl, Wichita Eagle
Finalist: Cary Aspinwall, Tulsa World
Finalist: Michael Overall, Tulsa World

23. Great Plains Reporter of the Year
Winner: Ginnie Graham, Tulsa World

24. Great Plains Newspaper of the Year, under 75,000 circulation
Winner: Argus Leader.

25. Great Plains Newspaper of the Year
Winner: Tulsa World
Finalist: Omaha World-Herald

26. Photo Illustration
Winner – Doug Hoke, The Oklahoman “Lightning Bugs”

27. Spot News Photograph
Winner – Rick McFarland, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette “Pulled from the Railing”
Finalist – Matt Barnard, Tusla World “Apartment Fire”
Finalist – Rick McFarland, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette “Police Nab Burglary Suspect”

28. Feature Photo
Winner – Cory Young, Tulsa World “Soldier Funeral”
Finalist – Mike Simons, Tulsa World “Saying Goodbye”
Finalist – Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman “Fourth of July”

29. Picture Story/ Essay
Winner – Benjamin Krain, Rick McFarland, Stephen B. Thornton, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette “Flood Coverage, Day 1”

30. Sports Photograph
Winner – Jason Ivester, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “Tigers Top Bulldogs, Take Crown”
Finalist – John Clanton, The Oklahoman “Wrestling”
Finalist – Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman “Hits the Wall”

31. Portrait
Winner – L.G. Patterson, Inside Columbia, “A Father’s Obsession”
Finalist – Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman, “Track Star”

32. Magazine Photograph Single
Winner – Jennifer Hoppa, TulsaPeople Magazine, “Finding the Way Home.”

33. Magazine Photograph Multiple
Winner – Rebekah Workman, Oklahoma Today, “A Day in the Lives”
Finalist- John Jernigan, Oklahoma Today, “Badges of Courage”

34. Magazine Portrait
Winner – John Jernigan, Oklahoma Today, “Oklahoman of the Year”

35. Magazine Photographer of the Year
Winner – John Jernigan, Oklahoma Today

36. Photographer of the Year
Winner- Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman
Finalist- Mike Simons, Tulsa World

37. Magazine News writing
First Place: Oklahoma Today, “Semper Anticus”
Finalist: Joy Jenkins, Kayte Spillman, Kristi Eaton, TulsaPeople, “Finding the way
Finalist: Oklahoma Today, “Energy State”

38. Magazine Feature
First Place: Jennie Lloyd, This Land Press, “Asylum”
Finalist: Teresa Miller, Oklahoma Today, “June: Osage County”
Finalist: Randy Roberts Potts, This Land, “Something good is going to happen to you”

39. Magazine profile writing
Winner: Brian McDowell, TulsaPeople, “A Rookie’s Road to Renewal”
Finalist: Cindy Hoedel, Kansas City Star, “Profile of an 87 year old jeweler & TV
Finalist: Kristi Eaton, TulsaPeople, “Profile of a homeless family living at the
Salvation Army”

40. Magazine column writing
Winner: Louisa McCune-Elmore, Oklahoma Today, “Remnants of War”
Finalist: Corinne Fiagome, TulsaKids, “Stages: Baby and Beyond.”
Finalist: Cindy Webb, TulsaKids,“Stages: School age.”

41. Magazine page design
Winner: Carla D. Walker, Oklahoma Humanities Council, “India and Beyond.”
Finalist: Carla D. Walker, Oklahoma Humanities Council, “All other entries.”
Finalist: Amanda Watkins, TulsaPeople, Brainiacs 2010

42. Magazine cover
Winner: Carolyn Preul, L.G. Patterson, Inside Columbia, “Image of chicken”
Finalist: Nicole Kelley, Chuck Foshee, Tulsa Kids Magazine, “Nicole Kelley: Photographer of Kids”
Finalist: Carla D. Walker, Oklahoma Humanities Council, May 2010 cover
Finalist: Nancy Hermann, Nancy Bizjack, Katy Livingston, “Dancers on cover”

43. Great Plains Magazine Writer of the Year
Winner: Kathy Casteel, INSIDE COLUMBIA, Winter Issue 2011
Finalist: Joshua Kline, THIS LAND
Finalist: Joy Jenkins, Tulsa People Magazine

44. Great Plains Magazine of the Year
Winner: Fred Parry, Sandy Selby, Carolyn Preul, “Inside Columbia.”
Finalist: Michael Mason, “This Land”

45. Great Plains PR Magazine of the Year
Winner: Nancy Hermann, Nancy Bizjack, Katy Livingston, “Intermission Magazine”

46. In-depth multimedia
Winner: Adam Wisneski, Tulsa World, “Heartache of a Champion”
Finalist: Devin Wagner, Argus Leader, “Growing Up Indian.”

47. Short-form multimedia
Winner: Sarah Phipps, NewsOK, “MLK Speech”
Finalist: John Clanton, NewsOK, “Cleaning the Fence.”

48. Video series
Winner: Jenni Carlson and Berry Tramel, The Oklahoman
Finalist: George Lang, The Oklahoman.

49. Best Website Design
Winner: NewsOK
Finalist: Kansas.com
Finalist: Tulsaworld.com

50. Blog Writing
Winner: Tasha Fabela-Jonas, The Kansas City Star, “It was not meant to be.”
Finalist: The Oklahoman, Newsdesk Staff, “One year later: Attorney General opinion on public employee DOBs still unresolved”
Finalist: Tulsa Kids Magazine, Natasha Ball, “Confessions of a Work-at-Home Mom: The Poop Cannon”

51. Great Plains Website of the Year
Winner: The Oklahoman/NewsOK.com
Finalist: The Wichita Eagle, Kansas.com
Finalist: The Tulsa World, tulsaworld.com