2015 Great Plains Journalism Award winners

TULSA, OKLAHOMA – The 109-year-old Tulsa Press Club, one of the oldest press clubs in the United States, is proud to announce the winners of the 2015 Great Plains Journalism Awards, which annually recognize the best newspaper and magazine journalism in eight states: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota.

Judy Woodruff, co-anchor and managing editor of PBS “NewsHour,” received the Distinguished Lectureship Award, and gave the keynote lunch address at the April 13 event. The top 10 overall winners were:

* Great Plains Newspaper of the Year (More than 75,000): Omaha World-Herald
* Great Plains Newspaper of the Year (Fewer than 75,000): Wichita Eagle
* Great Plains Magazine of the Year: Sauce Magazine of St. Louis
* Great Plains Website of the Year: TulsaKids Magazine
* Great Plains Designer of the Year: Tim Parks of the Omaha World-Herald
* Great Plains Writer of the Year: Cary Aspinwall of the Tulsa World
* Great Plains Newspaper Photographer of the Year: Mike Simons of the Tulsa World
* Great Plains Magazine Photographer of the Year: Shane Bevel, freelancer
* Great Plains Magazine Writer of the Year: Jeannette Cooperman of St. Louis Magazine
* Great Plains Student Newspaper of the Year: The Collegian at the University of Tulsa

In all, winners and finalists were announced in 69 categories, which were judged by the following professionals: Charles Apple, Victoria (Texas) Advocate; Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin, Columbia College Chicago; Jennifer Brown, The Denver Post; Kelly Brown, Bryan-College Station Eagle; Addie Broyles, Austin American-Statesman; Maria Carrillo, Houston Chronicle; Sharon Chapman, Austin American-Statesman; Lane DeGregory, Tampa Bay Times; Matthew Dolan, The Wall Street Journal; Lisa Falkenberg, Houston Chronicle; Diana Fuentes, San Antonio Express-News; Aileen Gallagher, Syracuse University; James Gregg, Austin American-Statesman; Mito Habe-Evans, NPR; Sandy Hingston, Philadelphia Magazine; Debbie Hiott, Austin American-Statesman; Rodney Ho, Atlanta Journal Constitution; Tom Johanningmeier, Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Sean Kennedy, The Virginian-Pilot; Ben Kesling, The Wall Street Journal; Louise Kiernan, Northwestern University; Erik Lukens, The Oregonian; Ben Montgomery, Tampa Bay Times; Joel Odom, The Oregonian; Josh Penrod, Minneapolis StarTribune; Jenni Pinkley, Minneapolis StarTribune; Winthrop Quigley, Albuquerque Journal; Monica Rohr, Houston Chronicle; Monica Richardson, Atlanta Journal Constitution; Zach Ryall, Austin American-Statesman; Derek Simmons, Minneapolis StarTribune; Tina Smithers (freelance); Scott Strazzante, San Francisco Chronicle; Anne Tallent, The Baltimore Sun; and Jennifer Thomas, St. Paul Pioneer Press.

> Winners were announced in the following Newspaper writing and design categories:

• News package: The Des Moines Register (Sharyn Jackson, Christopher Gannon and Donnelle Eller)

• Project/investigative reporting: Oklahoma Watch and The Oklahoman (Warren Vieth, Jaclyn Cosgrove, Phillip O’Connor and Andrew Knittle)

• General news reporting: Oklahoma Watch and The Oklahoman (Warren Vieth, Jaclyn Cosgrove, Phillip O’Connor and Andrew Knittle)

• Narrative story/series: Omaha World-Herald (Erin Grace)

• Beat reporting: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Chelsea Boozer)

• Feature writing: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Stephen Deere)

• Business reporting: The Oklahoman (Brianna Bailey)

• Business feature: The Des Moines Register (Victor Epstein and Bryon Houlgrave)

• Sports reporting: Omaha World-Herald (Dick Chatelain)

• Sports feature: The Oklahoman (Jenni Carlson)

• Sports column: Omaha World-Herald (Tom Shatel)

• Review: Omaha World-Herald (Sarah Baker Hensen)

• Food: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Daniel Neman)

• Entertainment feature: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Cheree Franco)

• Specialty feature: Kansas City Star (Sarah Gish, Jennifer Hack, David Eulitt, Tasha Fabela-Jonas, Sarah Morris, Paula Southerland, Elaine Garrison, Katty Delux, Emilia Vonn and Mary Schulte)

• Special section: Omaha World-Herald (Staff)

• News page design: Omaha World-Herald (Tammy Yttri)

• Feature page design: Omaha World-Herald (Amy Cavenaile)

• Sports page design: Omaha World-Herald (Tim Parks)

• Graphic/Illustration: Omaha World-Herald (Dave Croy)

• Editorial cartoon: Tulsa World (Bruce Plante)

• Editorial portfolio: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Tony Messenger)

• Personal column portfolio: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Tony Messenger)

• Headline portfolio: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Jeff Krupsaw)

> Winners were announced in the following Magazine writing and design categories:

• News writing: St. Louis Magazine (William Powell)

• Feature writing: Arkansas Life (Nick Hunt, Katie Bridges, Jordan Hickey and Kelley Lane)

• Profile writing: Arkansas Life (Jordan Hickey, Katie Bridges and Kelley Lane)

• Column writing: St. Louis Magazine (Ray Hartmann)

• Page design: ALIVE Magazine (Elizabeth Tucker, Kelly Hamilton, Attilio D’Agostino, David Hsia, Jennifer Dulin-Wiley, Christopher Reilly, Wesley Law and Adam Bertels)

• Magazine cover: Omaha Magazine (John Gawley, Paul Lukes and Ben Lueders)

> Winners were announced in the following Multimedia/web categories, which were open to newspapers, magazines, television, radio and websites):

• Spot news video: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Staff)

• General news video: Tulsa World (James Gibbard)

• Feature video: Tulsa World (John Clanton)

• Sports video: The Des Moines Register (Charlie Litchfield)

• Multimedia project or series: The Oklahoman (Jason Kersey, Berry Tramel, Damon Fontenot, Tim Money and Richard Hall)

• Best website page design: The Oklahoman (Staff)

• Best overall website design: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (WholeHogSports)

• News blog writing: The Oklahoman (Richard Hall)

• Entertainment/specialty blog: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Philip Martin)

• Sports blog: The Oklahoman (Anthony Slater, Darnell Mayberry and Erik Horne)

• Web special section: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Cathy Frye, Rick McFarland, Chad Day, Tim Hicks, Jasen Burkett, Melody Ralls, Stephen Thornton, Kirk Montgomery, David Bailey, Yavonda Chase and Mary Alston)

> Winners were announced in the following Newspaper photography categories:

• Photo illustration: Tulsa World (Christopher Smith)

• General news: Associated Press (Sue Ogrocki)

• Spot news: Tulsa World (Michael Wyke)

• News photography, multiple: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Benjamin Krain, Rick McFarland, Melissa Sue Gerrits, Staton Briedenthal)

• Feature photography, single: Omaha World Herald (Matt Miller)

• Feature photography, multiple: Tulsa World (Mike Simons)

• Sports action: Tulsa World (Christopher Smith)

• Sports feature: The Oklahoman (Sarah Phipps)

• Portrait: Tulsa World (Christopher Smith)

> Winners were announced in the following Magazine photography categories:

• Magazine portrait: Sunflower Magazine (Kenny Ibsen, Penny Brockman and Luke Townsend)

• Magazine photo illustration: TulsaPeople (Michelle Pollard)

• Magazine photography, multiple: St. Louis Magazine (Jerry Tovo)

• Magazine photography, feature: Kansas! (Doug Stremel, Katy Ibsen, Shelly Bryant, Jennifer Haugh and Andrea Etzel)

> Winners were announced in the following college student categories (* indicates winner received a $1,250 scholarship):

• Student Photographer of the Year (*): Austin St. John, The Oracle, Oral Roberts University

• Student Editor in Chief of the Year (*): Blayklee Buchanan, The Oklahoma Daily, University of Oklahoma

• Student Designer of the Year (*): Adrianna Doyal, Sooner Yearbook, the University of Oklahoma

• Student Writer of the Year (*): Kassie McClung, The Collegian, the University of Tulsa

• Student Website of the Year: The Baker Orange, Baker University (Baldwin City, Kansas)

All work was published in 2014. For more information about the winners and the finalists, go to www.greatplainsawards.org.

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Read the 2015 Great Plains Awards booklet with finalists and work of winners

Congrats to all the finalists and winners. Check out the e-edition of the book handed out at this year’s awards banquet today.

Thanks to our judges and today’s speakers.

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All the details you need to know about the 2015 Great Plains Journalism Awards


Download a printer-friendly version.

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2015 Great Plains Journalism Awards finalists named

We are proud to announce the finalists for the 2015 Great Plains Journalism Awards, featuring Distinguished Lectureship speaker Judy Woodruff, of PBS’ “NewsHour.”

All finalists will be honored at the April 13th event at The Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa.

Winners will be announced at the event.

Reservations can be made by calling 918-583-7737 or emailing Shaun Lee at shaun@tulsapressclub.org.

Congratulations to our finalists!

Attilio D’Agostino, Adam Bertels, Amy De La Hunt, Jennifer Dulin-Wiley, Sean Funcik, Kelly Hamilton, Heather Hoehn, David Hsia, Wesley Law, Jeremy Nulik, Christopher Reilly, Matt Sorrell, Elizabeth Tucker, Garry Vesper, Jennifer Wells,

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Staff, Arkansas Online Staff, Mary Alston, David Bailey, Chelsea Boozer, Staton Breidenthal, Jasen Burkett, Yavonda Chase, Chad Day, Cheree Franco, Cathy Frye, Tim Hicks, Arshia Khan, Benjamin Krain, Jeff Krupsaw, Philp Martin, Rick McFarland, Kirk Montgomery, Tom Murphy, Melody Ralls, Jack Schnedler, Stephen Thornton, Ron Wolfe.

Katie Bridges, Jordan Hickey, Nick Hunt, Kelley Lane, Nate Olson, Emily Van Zandt

Sue Ogrocki

Jeff Sampson Photography

Brooke Allen

Lisa Allen, Brandon Chuang, Shannon Cothran, Liz Miller, Catherine Neville, Jeremy Nulik, Jennifer Silverberg

Katty Delux, David Eulitt, Tasha Fabela-Jonas, Elaine Garrison, Sarah Gish, Jennifer Hack, Sarah Morris, Mary Schulte, Paula Southerland, Emilia Vonn

Shelly Bryant, Andrea Etzel, Jennifer Haugh, Katy Ibsen, Doug Stremel, Luke Townsend

Erin Andersen, Mara Klecker

Joe Starita, Carla Walker, Oklahoma Humanities Council

Clifton Adcock, Nate Billings, Jaclyn Cosgrove, Caroline Duke, Moran Elwell, Steve Gooch, David Fritze, Tiffany Gibson, Richard Hall, Andrew Knittle, David McDaniel, David Morris, Phillip O’Connor, Todd Pendleton, Sarah Phipps, Amy Raymond, Nate Robson, Glen Seeber, Greg Singleton, Bryan Terry, Warren Vieth

NewsOK.com, The Oklahoman Staff, Brianna Bailey, Nate Billings, Jenni Carlson, Nolan Clay, Damon Fontenot, Steve Gooch, Richard Hall, Doug Hoke, Erik Horne, Juliana Keeping, Jason Kersey, Steve Lackmeyer, Chris Landsberger, Darnell Mayberry, Don Mecoy, Tim Money, Todd Pendleton, Nathan Poppe, Anthony Slater, Bryan Terry, Berry Tramel, Jacob Unruh, Yvette Walker, Scott Wright

John Gawley, Corey Hart, Ben Lueders, Mike Lang, Paul Lukes, Robert Nelson, Bill Sitzmann,

Omaha World Herald Staff, Amy Cavenaile, Dirk Chatelain, Sara Connolly, Todd Cooper, Dave Croy, Dan Golden, Erin Grace, Rebecca S. Gratz, Paul Hammel, Matt Haney, Matthew Hansen, Sarah Baker Hansen, Sarah Hoffman, Michael Holmes, Brady Jones, Steve Jordon, Jeff Koterba, Ian Lawson, Matt Miller, Tim Parks, Margaret Reidel, Tim Sacco, Aaron Sanderford, Tom Shatel, Kent Sievers, Alissa Skelton, Brendan Sullivan, Matt Wynn, Tammy Yttri

Shane Bevel

Garrett Faulkner, Ligaya Figueras, Catherine Klene, Anne Marie Lodholz, Dan Lodholz, Meera Nagarajan, Julie Cohen

M.J. Alexander, Simon Hurst

St. Louis Magazine Staff, Jeannette Cooperman, Rosalind Early, Ray Hartmann, Brian Heffernan, Jessica Palazzolo, William Powell, Alvin Reid, Margaret Schneider, Jerry Tovo, D.J. Wilson

Debra Bass, Stephen Deere, Tony Messenger, Daniel Neman

Penny Brockman, Katy Ibsen, Luke Townsend

Joe Ahlquist, Jay Kirschenmann, Michael Klinski, Steve Young

The Baker Orange Staff, Taylor Shuck

The Collegian Staff, Sara Douglas, Chuyi Wen

The Daily O’Collegian Staff, Kassie McClung

The Des Moines Register Staff, Jason Clayworth, Donnelle Eller, Victor Epstein, Christopher Gannon, Bryon Houlgrave, Sharyn Jackson, Charlie Litchfield, Andrea Melendez, Mary Willie,

Oracle Staff, Dominique Johnson, Austin St. John

Jesse Newell

TSLN (Tri-State Livestock News)
Eliza Blue, Heather Hamilton Maude, Nicole Michaels, Amanda Radke, Larry Reinhold, Robin Reinhold, Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns, Carrie Stadheim, Dale Stradinger, Maria Tussing, Jan Swan Wood

Betty Casey, Abby Rodgers

Shane Bevel, Michelle Pollard

Tulsa World Staff, Cary Aspinwall, Scott Cherry, John Clanton, Jason Collington, Andrea Eger, James Gibbard, Ginnie Graham, John Hoover, Nicole Marshall, Bruce Plante, James Royal, Mike Simons, Christopher Smith, Jimmie Tramel, Michael Wyke

Blayklee Buchanan

Adrianna Doyal

Wichita Eagle Staff

Brian Hunhoff

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The Great Plains Conference for 2015 has been finalized

Make your plans to come the event on April 13 in Tulsa.


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The 2015 Great Plains Journalism Awards are now open

The 2015 Great Plains Journalism Awards are now open. Deadline is Jan. 26.

Find the rules by downloading the entry form, then enter the contest at betternewspapercontest.com. If you can’t find your publication in the drop-down menu or need your password reset, send emails to greatplainsawards@gmail.com.

Click the image below to download the 2015 Great Plains brochure to see the categories you can enter. The brochure is a pdf and printable.


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2015 Great Plains Journalism Awards Contest opens Jan. 1

GP Save the Date

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Read the 2014 Great Plains Awards booklet with finalists and work of winners

Congrats to all the finalists and winners. Check out the e-edition of the book handed out at this year’s awards banquet today.

Thanks to our judges and today’s speakers John D. Sutter, Tom Fox and David Vaughn for making the event memorable.

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2014 Great Plains Journalism Awards finalists named

The Tulsa Press Club is proud to announce the 2014 Great Plains Journalism Awards finalists and details on the day’s events.

The Great Plains Journalism Awards is a regional contest honoring print, web and magazine journalists for outstanding stories, photography and design. The eight-state competition includes Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

Winners will be announced from the list of finalists at an awards luncheon on Friday, May 16 at the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa. The event will include Distinguished Lectureship recipient CNN’s John Sutter, an Oklahoma native who gained national attention for a story he did walking the path of the May 20, 2013, tornado in Moore, Okla.

At the Great Plains, Great Barbecue Party on Thursday night, May 15, come sample some of Tulsa’s best barbecue — with Burn Co. and Oklahoma Joe’s representing — and listen to Texas Monthly Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughan talk about cookbooks, ‘cue and having one of the best jobs around. The event starts at 5:30 p.m. at The Tulsa Press Club, 415 S. Boston Ave., Suite 23. $10 for members, $15 for non-members.

At the Great Plains Journalism Awards and Distinguished Lectureship, May 16, here are the details of when everything happens at the Mayo Hotel:

8:30 – 9 a.m.: Registration, Crystal Ballroom Lobby

9 – 9:45 a.m.: Judges’ panel discussion: Cool jobs, Mayo Museum

9:45 – 10 a.m.: BREAK

10 – 11:15 a.m.: How to Turn Your Passion into a Profession by Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly, Mayo Museum

11:15 – 11:30 a.m.: BREAK, move to Crystal Ballroom

11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.: Awards Luncheon, Crystal Ballroom. Lunch served during the awards.

Distinguished Lectureship Speaker: John Sutter
Presentation of Distinguished Lectureship Award

1:30 – 1:45 p.m.: BREAK

1:45 – 3 p.m.: How to find Unexpected Stories and tell them in Surprising Ways, by John Sutter, CNN, Mayo Museum

3 – 3:15 p.m.: BREAK

3:15 – 4:30 p.m.: Visual Storytelling by Tom Fox, Dallas Morning News, Mayo Museum

4:30 – 4:45 p.m.: BREAK

4:45 – 7 p.m.: Reception, Rooftop Lounge

Buy your tickets now to join us on May 16.

The event will be at the Mayo Hotel. To make a reservations at the GPJ Awards rate, please call Katie Vinyard at 918-895-8428 or email Katie@themayohotel.com.

Here is the list of the 2014 Great Plains Journalism Awards finalists:


Argus Leader

Jonathan Ellis
John Hult
Jay Kirschenman
Jacqueline Palfy Klemond
David Montgomery
Steve Young

Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Arkansas Online Staff
Sean Beherec
Kelly Bryant
John Deering
Charlie Frago
Melissa Gerrits
Paul Greenberg
Debra Hale-Shelton
Lisa Hammersly
Dusty Higgins
Benjamin Krain
Philip Martin
Rick McFarland
Cameron Moix
Kirk Montgomery
Jessica Seaman
Celia Storey
Stephen B. Thornton

Associated Press
Sue Ogrocki

Des Moines Register
Victor Epstein

Lincoln Journal Star
Clark Grell
Cindy Lange-Kubick
Lincoln Journal Star staff
Peter Salter

Newsok.com staff
Oklahoman staff
Ryan Aber
Phillip Baeza
Brianna Bailey
Jim Beckel
Nate Billings
Chris Brannick
Jenni Carlson
Dave Cathey
Nolan Clay
Carrie Coppernoll
Jaclyn Cosgrove
William Crum
Paige Dillard
Pat Gilliland
Steve Gooch
Richard Hall
John Helsley
Jason Kersey
Chris Landsberger
George Lang
Kendall Matthews
Hayley McGhee
Gina Mizell
Tim Money
David Morris
Scott Munn
Felicia Murray
Phillip O’Connor
Todd Pendleton
Sarah Phipps
Kyle Roberts
Todd Schoenthaler
Trent Shadid
Ryan Sharp
Mike Sherman
Greg Singleton
Anthony Slater
Darla Smith
Nick Tankersley
Bryan Terry
Berry Tramel
Robby Trammell
Jacob Unruh
Scott Wright

Oklahoma Watch
Clifton Adcock
Darren Jaworski
Warren Vieth

Omaha World Herald
Omaha World Herald Staff
Omaha.com Staff
Graham Archer
Leah Becerra
Theresa Berens
Joe Brennan
Dirk Chatelain
Todd Cooper
Dave Croy
Joe Duggan
Dave Elsesser
Cate Folsom
Erin Golden
Matt Haney
Matthew Hansen
Sarah Baker Hansen
Jeanne Hauser
Michael Holmes
Brady Jones
Michael Kelly
Jeff Koterba
Ian Lawson
Chris Machian
Sam McKewon
Matt Miller
Rich Mills
Roseann Moring
Emily Nohr
Judith Nygren
Maggie O’Brien
Michael O’Connor
Tim Parks
Jeff Reece
Margaret Riedel
Tim Sacco
Alyssa Schukar
Tom Shatel
Alissa Skelton
Patrick Smith
Barbara Soderlin
Cody Winchester
Matt Wynn
Tammy Yttri

Pierre Capital Journal
Justin Joiner

St. Louis Post Dispatch

Jessica Bock
Elisa Crouch
Todd C. Frankel

Topeka Capital-Journal


Tulsa World
Kyle Arnold
Cary Aspinwall
Mike Averill
Matt Barnard
Kelly Bostian
Ziva Branstetter
Tim Chamberlin
Micah Choquette
John Clanton
Garett Fisbeck
James Gibbard
Ginnie Graham
John E. Hoover
Curtis Killman
Randy Krehbiel
Nicole Marshall Middleton
Stephen Pingry
Hilary Pittman
Bruce Plante
Steve Reckinger
Bill Sherman
Rita Sherrow
Mike Simons
Casey Smith
Christopher Smith
Michael Smith
John Stancavage
James D. Watts Jr.
Jerry Wofford
Michael Wyke

The Sedalia Democrat
Bob Satnan

Wichita Eagle
Tony Adame


Alive Magazine
Attilio D’Agostino
Kelly Hamilton
David Hsia
Stephanie Morhard
Gwen Ragno
Stephanie Terry
Jennifer Dulin Wiley

Arkansas Life – Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Justin Bolle
Kimberly Cyr Calhoun
Wesley Hitt
Arshia Khan
Stephanie Pyle
Dero Sanford
Jon Wisniewski

Dainty Obsessions
Amavo Boutique
Chef Jeni and Co
Confetti Creative Co
Icon Lounge and Event Hall
Jeff Sampson Photography
Rug and Relic
Studio Blu Photography
The Cake Lady
The Flower Mill
World Market

Shelly Bryant
Jason Dailey
Jennifer Haugh
Katy Ibsen

Inspire(d) Magazine
Danielle Ameling
Ingrid Baudler
Lauren Bonney
Sara Friedle-Putnam
Kristine Jepsen
Lauren Kraus
Jim McCaffrey
Joyce Meyer
Aryn Henning Nichols
Benji Nichols
Roxie Nichols
Thea Satrom
Aaron Zauner

Inspired Home Omaha Magazine – Omaha World-Herald
Chris Christen
Matt Miller

Moore Monthly
Rob Morris
Armand McCoy
Fred Wheelbarger
Luke Small
Christiaan Patterson

Oklahoma Humanities Magazine
Howard Faulkner
Oklahoma Humanities Council
Carla Walker

Oklahoma Today
Steffie Corcoran
Oklahoma Today – Shane Bevel
Oklahoma Today – Debby Kaspari
Oklahoma Today – Randy Krehbiel
Oklahoma Today – Mark W. Nault
Oklahoma Today – Steven Walker of WCI
James Pratt

Slice Magazine
M.J. Alexander
Mia Blake
Elizabeth Meares
Scotty O’Daniel
John Parker

St. Louis Magazine
Jeannette Cooperman
Whitney Curtis
Ray Hartmann
William Powell
St. Louis Magazine Staff
Lindsay Timme
D.J. Wilson
Andrew Wyatt

Sunflower Publishing
Jason Dailey
Jenni Leiste

Sync Weekly – Arkansas Democrat Gazette Magazines
Norma Edwards
Arshia Khan
Stephanie Maxwell
Nate Olson
Shea Stewart
Emily Van Zandt

Tulsa Kids
Betty Casey
Abby Rodgers

Connie Cronley
Nellie Kelly
Jennie Lloyd
Michelle Pollard
TulsaPeople Staff
Scott Wigton

KFOR Staff

Bryan Clemmer
Rob Collett
Burt Mummolo

RJ Young


The Baker Orange
Sara Bell
The Baker Orange Staff

The Collegian – South Dakota State University
Ryan Bowden
Jordan Smith
Marcus Traxler

The Collegian – University of Tulsa
Kyle Walker

The Daily O’Collegian – Oklahoma State University
Jackie Dobson
Emily Farris

The Journal – Webster University
Dan Bauman
Gabe Burns
Megan Favignano
Brian Pratt

The Oklahoma Daily
Joey Stipek

The Oracle – Oral Roberts University
Hannah Covington
Bruce Dixon
Meghan Drake
Austin St. John
The Oracle Staff

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Purchase tickets and tables for the 2014 Great Plains Journalism Awards

The Great Plains Journalism Awards honor the best work from newspapers and magazines across the region from the past calendar year with a banquet and conference at the Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa.

May 15: Come try some of Tulsa’s best barbecue and listen to Texas Monthly Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughan talk about cookbooks, ‘cue and having one of the best jobs around. Also meet the other speakers and judges.

May 16: Great Plains Journalism Awards presentation and professional development seminar with Dallas Morning News photographer Tom Fox and CNN columnist and former Oklahoman John Sutter.

$40 tickets
$350 media tables
$1,000 sponsor tables

Buy your tickets now. The event will be at the Mayo Hotel.

Who judged your entries in this year’s contest? Here are bios of our distinguished judges:

John D. Sutter
John D. Sutter is a columnist at CNN Digital and creator of the network’s Change the List project, which aims to bring attention to bottom-of-the-list places. His work focuses on social justice and often involves readers in the storytelling process. Sutter’s project on slavery in Mauritania won the Livingston Award and was nominated for a documentary Emmy. He grew up in Oklahoma and returned to the state last year to walk the full 17-mile path of the deadly tornado in Moore.

Daniel Vaughn
Daniel Vaughn holds one of the coolest jobs in American journalism. He is the full-time barbecue editor at Texas Monthly magazine. It’s not something he aspired to do while growing up in a small town in Ohio. He refined his palette on the finer delicacies of dining while exploring the Big Easy and earning a degree in architecture at Tulane University. He didn’t step foot into Texas until 1998, but quickly discovered that barbecue has a whole new meaning in the Lone Star State. His newfound epicurean hobby begat a blog in 2008, Full Custom Gospel BBQ. The popularity of his online column led him to travel more than 10,000 miles to savor the flavors at 186 Texas restaurants billing barbecue as their mainstay. That led him to write a book, “The Prophets of Smoked Meat: A Journey Through Texas Barbecue” in 2013. He said goodbye to his job at a Dallas architectural firm and hello to Texas Monthly magazine, which made his title official in March 2013. Vaughn continues to live in Dallas with his wife and children.

Tom Fox
Tom Fox is a Pulitzer Prize-winning staff photographer for The Dallas Morning News. He has been a photojournalist for almost 25 years. The Minnesota native was part of a small team of photographers at The Dallas Morning News who won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography for coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Fox also has been honored by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors as the Photojournalist of the Year and Star Photographer of the Year by the Texas Headliner’s Foundation. Over the years, he has received accolades from POYi, NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism and National Headliners Foundation. Fox holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas – Arlington. He previously worked as a staff photographer for the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and photo editor/chief photographer for The Arlington Morning News. Fox is married to a writer, and they have a daughter.

Earl Swift
Longtime journalist Earl Swift is a residential fellow of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities at the University of Virginia. His fifth book, “Auto Biography, where he traced a 1957 Chevy back through all 13 of its owners and uses this odd fraternity as the basis of a story of modern America, will be released by HarperCollins on May 6.

Ryan Gabrielson
Ryan Gabrielson is a reporter at ProPublica covering the U.S. criminal justice system. He previously worked at The Center for Investigative Reporting, where his reporting on violent crimes at California’s institutions for the developmentally disabled won a George Polk Award. Gabrielson won the Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting with partner Paul Giblin in 2009 while at the East Valley Tribune.

Michael Kruse
Michael Kruse is a staff writer on the enterprise team at the Tampa Bay Times. He is the winner of the Paul Hansell Award for Distinguished Achievement in Florida Journalism and the American Society of News Editors’ distinguished nondeadline writing award.

Aileen Gallagher
Aileen Gallagher is an assistant professor of magazine journalism at Syracuse University and teaches classes in reporting, editing and multimedia storytelling. She was previously a senior editor at NYMag.com and shared several National Magazine Awards with her colleagues. Her writing has appeared in New York, Slate, and Bust, among other publications.

Charles Apple
Charles Apple is Focus page editor of the Orange County Register. A longtime graphics reporter, designer, editor and blogger, he’s worked for the Chicago Tribune, the Des Moines Register and the Virginian-Pilot and worked internationally as a teacher and news design consultant. He spends way too much time online.

Michael Miller
Michael Miller is the features editor of the Los Angeles Times’ Orange County community papers and a contributor to the Times’ entertainment section. He serves as a board member of the Orange County Press Club and is the author of two books of poetry.

Derek Simmons
Derek Simmons is the AME/Visuals at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Previously, Derek worked at the Los Angeles Times, and during his tenure the Times was the top winner every year at the SND’s international Best of Newspaper Design Creative Competition. He and his wife, Sheri, have two sons, Jackson and Teegan. Derek is a proud part owner of the Packers and brought back from SoCal a love for all things Dodgers.

Jenni Pinkley
As the Senior Multimedia Producer/Editor for the StarTribune, Jenni Pinkley is responsible for overseeing video production from spot news and programming to documentary video that accompanies projects. Jenni works with visual journalists and reporters to find the strongest multimedia targets and strategize about the best approach. The Star Tribune video department has received several industry awards including the National Edward R. Murrow and regional Emmys over the past four years.

Rich Boudet
Rich Boudet is Sunday Sports Editor at The Seattle Times, where he has worked for the past eight years. Boudet has won multiple SND awards and was twice named the Pacific Northwest’s top newspaper designer by SPJ. He was the founder and co-author of the popular industry blog SportsDesigner.com, which continues today on social media.

Michael and Larissa Milne
In 2011, Philadelphia natives and Society of American Travel Writers members Michael Milne and his wife, Larissa, chucked it all to travel the world with a Rocky statue. They’ve been on the road ever since, writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Huffington Post and others as well as their award-winning travel blog at www.ChangesInLongitude.com.

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